Medical Board Members

Sports combined with the active San Diego lifestyle can sometimes lead to unavoidable sports related injuries. Many of these injured young children do not have health insurance, their family's do not qualify for government assistance and they have no means to receive appropriate medical care. For a child to be denied much needed medical or surgical care because of their family's financial situation is not acceptable to the SDSMF; this is where we, the SDSMF step in. We sponsor their medical care from the initial evaluation to surgery to post operative care; our mission is to get the child healthy not only physically, but mentally so that sports can continue to be a positive influence in their lives.

The SDSMF medical board is comprised of 11 members from the local community who are involved with some aspect of sports medicine and/or youth athletes. Each year at the SDSMF’s signature fundraiser, Taste At The Cove we honor a new medical board member. These medical board member vote on the candidates applications for sponsored medical care. We are truly thankful for their continued efforts and support of our athletic youth.

Larry Duensing, ATC - Head Athletic Trainer, Carlsbad High School, Head Athletic Trainer San Diego Padres

James Collins, ATC - President (2016) of the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society

Shari Brasher - CEO and Executive Director Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

Carolyn Peters, ATC - Head Athletic Trainer, Strength Coach and Senior Women’s Administrator for San Diego Christian College

Dr. Lee Rice - Founder of the Lifewellness Institute

Sue Lalicker - Retired Head Athletic Trainer - Mesa College

Carolyn Greer, ATC - Associate Director of Athletics & Sports Medicine - University of San Diego

James "Bone" Hammond - Retired Athletic Trainer - Southwestern College

Jerry Hizon, MD - Motion Sports MD and President of the Riverside County Medical Association

Larry Roberts, ATC – Helix High School

Robert Pace, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon – Fallbrook High School. Served as board member from 2007-2014

Bob Babbitt - Challenged Athlete Foundation – VP & Founder

Ed Ayub, M.S.P.T. - Physical Therapist – Sweetwater High School District

Robert J. Moore, PhD, PT, ATC – Professor at SDSU – ATC program (1934 - 2012)

Richard Butcher, MD – Family Practice – Granite Hills High School

Charles Camarata, MD – Family Practice – Sweetwater High School District

Dr. Michelle Look – Certified Family Practice-Sports Medicine Physician at San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health

Board of Directors
  • Scott Ragow
  • Steven Spellane
  • Robert Blonde
  • Reid Marquand
  • Dr. James Chao
  • Dr. David Chao
  • Brain Kelley