Surgeries & Medical Care

It is the goal of the SDSMF to bring top-quality care to the injured youth of San Diego who are in need. Thousands of San Diego’s young athletes have already benefited from non-reimbursed medical care, with a hundred of them receiving free MRIs, surgery, postoperative care, and bracing.

If you are in need of SDSMF’s services please complete the following:

  1. Application
  2. Athlete’s Personal Statement
  3. Coach’s Statement of Athletes Involvement, including athlete’s sport, position and number
  4. Parent or Guardian Statement of Need
  5. Any medical records from past evaluations regarding the current injury.
  6. Current photo of the Student

Once we receive the application, it will be reviewed and voted on by our Medical Board. This process could take up to two weeks. You or the student will then receive a phone call from the SDSMF or someone in our office to confirm the candidate status and inform you of the next step and possible further treatment.

There are no cost(s) associated with the application submission process, consultation appointments, or for x-rays, MRIs, surgery and post-op treatment. Click here to apply for assistance.